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Yes, absolutely, in order to, guarantee safety and security of your things, Rapid Stor requires hosts to verify their identity, phone numbers and email. Additionally, rating system and personal bio of the user can demonstrate high quality hosts who will ensure safety and security of your items. Rapid Stor takes safety and security as our first priority. We will do our best in order to make your renting experience safe as possible.

Hosts set level of access or time when renters can access the space. All host are encouraged to provide access 24/7 or only on business hours. However, there may be some host who provide access to you belonging only by contacting them beforehand and setting an appointment. All access related information is available on the top of the listing. Thus, it’s all up to you to decide whether you need a 24/7 access to your belongings or any other.

Rapid Stor aims to make payments automatic and straightforward. Before making a booking you will input your credit card information. Once owner approves your request to rent, your card will be automatically charged for the first month of rental. Your card will be charged again for all preceding months until your reservation ends.

Unfortunately, this feature is underway, we work hard to find an appropriate insurance company that will insure belongings of our lovely renters. This feature will available soon. However, you can ask your host if he/she has any home insurance coverage for belongings.

On Rapid Stor, owners of space set their own cancelation deadlines. If you wish to cancel your booking before cancelation deadline, you will be fully refunded within 3-5 business days. If you wish to cancel the booking after cancelation deadline, we will refund only 70% of your first payment. If you wish to cancel the reservation once rental period has begun, you will not receive any refund.

Generally, Restricted items include, but are not limited to, firearms, toxins, drugs, explosives, hazardous or flammable materials, pesticides, waste, ammunition, controlled substances, stolen goods, and perishable food items.Additionally, the owner of storage space may ask you to specify items that are going to be stored, and it’s up to owner’s discretion to allow storing your items.

If the rental period has not started and owner wishes to cancel your reservation, you will get a full refund of your payment and Rapid Stor representative will help you find an alternative location for storage.

If the rental period starts within next 5 days or has started, you will get full refund of the ongoing month and will be rewarded $50 for inconvenience from the owner. Additionally, Rapid Stor representatives will work closely with you in order to find alternative storage spaces.

You will get $25 bonus for referring a friend immediately after he/she will register on Rapid Stor and rent for first time on the platform.

Rapid Stor will try to get in touch with you through out 4 days, and if we couldn’t get a hold with you, we will remove your belongings to our warehouse within 5 days. Your credit card will be billed for all costs incurred for removing your belongings. We will keep your belonging for the duration of 12 month for a fixed fee of $300 per month which will be billed on your credit card. If you don’t collect your items within 12 months, we’ll give away your belongings for an auction.  

For Owners

Rapid Stor allows people (owners) who have unused space to rent it out to people who are in need of that space. Owners list their free space and set prices for it. Once, you find a renter, Rapid Stor will pay you monthly for each space rented.

In case of damages, the renter will bear all costs for fixing the property to its original shape. 

To avoid unwarranted disuptes, we encourage hosts and renters to share detailed pictures of the property amongst themselves either through Rapid Stor's messenger or upon handing over.

If renter does not collect his belongings from your space upon the end date of the rental. Rapid Stor movers will remove their stuff within 5 days. Just contact the Rapid Stor support team if such things occur. 

Before approving renter’s request to rent your property, you will be able to view his/her profile, reviews from previous owners and see whether renter has a “verified” status by Rapid Stor. Verified status means that Rapid Stor has verified identity of the renter by checking and saving his/her government identification. If your potential renter lacks “verified” status you can message them via the chat to get verified.
Listing a space on Rapid Stor is absolutely free. Thee is a small service fee for automated payments onto your bank account (5%) and that’s it!
Payments are transferred every month, at the end of each rental month. For example, you rented out the space on the 6th of November to December 6th, you will get the money transferred after December 6th. Please allow few business days for your money to appear on your back account.
You can only withdraw your funds after you earn your first $50 CAD on the platform. So, for example, you earned $50 from renting out and got $25 for referring a user, you will get $50 + $25 – 5%(transaction cost) onto your back account.
You can cancel the reservation 5 business days before the rential period starts by contacting Rapid Stor support team.

If the rental period has started or starts within the next 5 business days, you will need to contact Rapid Stor support team and the cancellation process will be initiaed rightaway. However, you will need to pay $50 inconvenience fee to the renter for sudden disruption of service and let go rent of the ongoing month.

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